Xy2 100 protocol pdf

Documentation of the SS-III XYE Interface .. Besides the target position the XY enhanced protocol offers the possibility to. Support digital scanners by XY protocol. For analog scanners, signals converted by the DA daughter board. Built-in DSP, marking computing do not. Digital interface is compatible with XY protocol format. The laser control interfaces are compatible with CO2 glass tube, the CO2radio-frequency tube and. APPENDIX H – XY protocol description. afcef.org afcef.org and to full user manual which is. Here are some documents regarding the XY protocol: afcef.org-portal. org/smash/get/diva/FULLTEXTpdf. The XY interface is used to send X and Y coordinates from the It is a serial interface using bit words, sent with a speed of 2 Mbit/s or kwords/s. Abstract: To communicate with a controller board, several deflection systems use the digital XY protocol which is not equipped on most microcontroller. Hi, I am trying to figure out how to support the XY protocol: http://www. afcef.org The signal looks quite. used to drive a XY interface DA board, connect JP to JP .. afcef.org program to select XY transfer protocol type as. Default: XY bits,adaptable to:Raylase XYE. bits、CTI .. CTI XY 20Bit :CTI XY Protocol 20Bit Communication specifications.