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It rebalances nearly all aspects of the game including ships, weapons, This is so the Plugin Manager can integrate the XRM ware size changes. . Note: This file only exists in the GOG version of the game. .. There's little documentation for those playing X3 on Linux, and practically none for Mac players. Description, String ID from Page 17 of text resource files. 7. Ware class, Class ( size) of the object - affects which ships can carry it. Production RelVal (player) , Price for the player (it's not really a price). This is the new lite version of the Plugin Manager. file, with more than 1 package in, you will also get a list of all Q: I have some scripts installed that use wares, but they dont have the A: This feature is not fully implemented yet, so is disabled for now . I dont currently have X3R installed, just X3TC. This page give some tips on how to mod the space game X3 Reunion. in the Egosoft or X3 Reunion directory (I named my folder "Modified game files"). After you have made all the changes you want, save and exit the Editor. out of the blue, or even stations, add ware to ships or stations (like energy cells), etcetera. X3 is a great game, but my biggest annoyance with it, is that all the decisions have been made Lets face it, if you read the forum threads, there are many distinct playing styles and a lot . There is also a series of files containing all the wares used in the game. Before you mod, backup the entire game and your savefiles. Just a little script to add all blueprints to the Player Headquarters. Installation & Usage: Extract the zip file into your X3: Reunion installation directory. This order can be to buy wares, raid a TS to steal its cargo, capture a ship, weaken It doesn't need the game to be restarted from scratch and should be compatible with. Body file - not used; Picture ID - not used; Yaw; Pitch; Roll; Class - ship class. Gun count - sum of count of laser parts of all gun records; Weapons Price modifier (2); Ware class - ignored; Production RelVal (player) What links here · Related changes · Special pages · Printable version · Permanent link. Just pick a ware from a list and script will show you availability on all known . So basically in your addon folder you have number of files in a format "01 In vanilla game some of the TC sectors are not avalible in AP and vice. Modding tool for X3, customizing game files according to user options. Call from the command line for full options, or run directly for default options. Runs the "from X3_Customizer import *" to make all transform functions available. . Prevents docking music from playing when the player manually requests docking .

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