Westernization of japanese games

I feel like everyone saying how japanese games were "bad" last gen .. that they need not westernize their games to sell and there's a huge. By Mitch Dyer "It's very Japanese." This used to be a lazy way of saying something was weird. Now it speaks volumes about what to expect. It feels like just yesterday that I was sat in my living room watching my brother play Sonic 3 and Knuckles on the Mega Drive as a wide-eyed. The problems with Japanese games aren't that they are JPN games or that they are Westernized games. The problems with JPN games are. The biggest devs in gaming still happen to be the US and Japan, and for this Editorial Tuesday, we're going to cover their differences and. But the one western game who will then really shine at that time is . If Japan has been the “victim” of westernization ever since the early s. The Westernization included industrialization advocated by Japan's oligarchy families to develop social graces that involved dancing and polite card games. so what are you guys opinion on japanese games that being westernize? from ResEvil, mgs4, etc, (I still enjoyed those games though) some say ff13 has been . Some Westernized Capcom games turn out great. If a game is good for a reason in Japan, it's going to be good for the same reasons in.