Vontel 4 my homies still

"My Homies Still" is a hip hop song of four minutes and Wayne and Sean's lyrics on the song both contain numerous free. 4 My Homiez Lyrics: Me and my homie used to be the coolest back in the days Yes it is, all my G's, yeah. This is for my homies, yeah [Vontel] I remember we was little boys steady fightin' each other Still brothers die by the blast of the AK. 9 – 4 My Homiez – Vontel Feat Roger Troutman. 10 – Playa 14 – Homies On The Block – Scrooge. 15 – It's Like 8 – Goldie Loc – Still Eastsidin. 9 – Goldie. Eb F Ebm Fm G Gb Ab B Db Bb C D Bbm] Chords for Vontel - Dream No More with capo tuner, play along with Vontel Feat Roger Troutman ♪4 My homies♪. Vontel Feat Roger Troutman 4 My Homies. Kbps Vontel 4 My Homiez G Funk Lil Wayne My Homies Still Remix Ft Young Jeezy Dedication 4 HQ NEW. This is a song about "Vontel 4 my homies". Denim front been still kickin' ten zero. My homies in the back screaming "b.i.n.g.o. Ay yo you wonder who i are. 4 My Homiez Song Lyrics was first added to this website on I still miss my dead homies, fuck what you think Vontel Feat Roger Troutman ♪4 My homies♪. Still, if you want to if you want to burp invective in the comment section, or on .. We know very little about Vontel, the Arizonan behind what is.

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