Upgrade vb6 to vb 2010

I have a number of applications that have been written in VB6. So far i have found no way to load them into VB and convert them. I want to find out Easy way to convert code from VB6 to afcef.org in VS I converted VB6 project to afcef.org in Visual Studio but not. 10 steps to migrate existing code to afcef.org Converting existing VB code to Visual afcef.org is not just a matter of loading it to the new version. Yes, VB. By Arif Khan. With Microsoft announcing the phasing out of VB6, VB developers will need to adapt to the changes the afcef.org environment. To successfully convert Visual Basic 6 (VB6) code to Visual afcef.org (afcef.org) requires modifications. There is not a completely automated, error free way to. This article discusses various things to consider when upgrading a VB6 app to afcef.org Are you having trouble converting VB6 project to afcef.org Visual Studio Well just to be frank you should have long back converted this VB6. As far as I know, even if you do a conversion, it will never be compatible. could open it with compatibility mode, but can't. You have to recode. I have a comprehensive program I previously developed in vb6 and ready to convert into vb, both as a learning tool about vbnet and to.