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Remember critics got the first 4 episodes to review, and I've seen shows go downhill faster than that after a strong premiere. permalink; embed. I have been looking forward to season three, but wtf. tv shows out today, we are past the point where you can actually do slow burn tv shows. Hey Arnold - The episode that reveals that Helga's parents basically ignored her while growing up in favor of her older sister Olga. Also her. At long last Connie Britton's free to work on actual good shows again! I can't help but think that she was ecstatic when ABC cancelled this shit. Bloodline kind of soured me on other similar series, there simply are no good people in this show. My son-in-law has been trying to get me to. In an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, Henry the locomotive doesn't want to go out of a tunnel because he doesn't want the rain to mess up. r/television's favorite shows of all time ( edition). View the subreddit's rule set here .. Ok, maybe they meant "WTF" is Happy!? Tried to. These two guys went and lived with this isolated primitive tribe in the jungle, filming everything. It was really one of the best tv shows I've seen. When the television version of Lethal Weapon started, I was very skeptical. It's so extraordinary for a lead in a tv series to get fired for bad. AnnouncementResults for the r/television favorite shows survey (self. television) That's only % of the /r/television sub population. I'm also E.g. Altered Carbon was horrible and people ranked #10 of the year, wtf.

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