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An episode of Tom and Jerry ended with both characters sitting on a railroad track waiting for a train, but it was not the final episode of the. This cartoon marks the final appearance of Butch in the Tom and Jerry . later, until the end, is Blue Cat Blues (last episode with the green background panel). Everyone loves "Tom and Jerry." It's one of the most popular cartoons that marked the childhoods of so many people around the world. But do. This is a complete list of the shorts in the Tom and Jerry series produced and released Unusual episode where Tom and Jerry speak. .. Last Tom and Jerry cartoon produced at the original MGM cartoon studio after it shut down in The "original" Tom and Jerry was created in , directed and produced by William Video link to the last episode: Tom and Jerry - Blue Cat Blues (). Tom and jerry last episode is not the one in which they suicide. It was just last episodes to be shot at the MGM studios. Here is last episode (Ep. Blue Cat Blues is a one-reel animated Tom and Jerry cartoon directed and produced by . This page was last edited on 3 April , at (UTC). Text is .

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