The sims 3 long hair

Sims 3 Downloads. Searching for 'long hair'. Long hair 13 - For Toddler. Jun 7, by sims2fanbg | Featured Artist. loading Long hair Jun 7, by. Female Sims 3 Hairstyles. Searching for 'long'. Skysims Hair Adult _looe. Oct 18, by Skysims. loading. Long hair 13 - For Toddler. Jun 7, by. bringmevictory: “stealthic's Vanity and Sleepwalking converted from to There's probably going to be a billion conversions already BUT OH WELL. Sims 4 Curly. TSR has about 7 hairstyles on the 1st 3 pages which I would consider long for males. Not all as long as Gunthers. Did you look there?. J Black Bullet curly side hairstyle by Newsea. J Black Bullet curly 3 hairstyle retextured for males by Arisuka at Mod the Sims. 3 hairstyle retextured for. I'm looking for very long female hair, something bum length or longer. There where a few for the Sims 2, but I can't find any for Sims 3. rollo-rolls: Simpliciaty Lora, Hylia & Julia Hair [conversion] · The Sims 3 Downloads · #hair#female#long · TOKSIK - JEALOUSY & OMINOUS by ifcasims. Female Hair: CoolSims Hair - The Sims 3 Custom Content. Miss Paraply& MaySims Hairstyle retextured Long hairstyles for ~ Sims 4 Hairs. Haley Barber. SPSM Long Hair. Aug 21, by spacesims. loading Long Hair with Volume for Teen Oct 25, by duckeggpie. loading Hair Fashionista 3. Oct