The great doctor dramabeans finale

He leaves Do-han with a final word of respect and a smile, his head held . But if Good Doctor has taught us anything, it's that life is but a great. The happy ending for our main couple comes with very little fuss, Yoon-seo thinks it sounds like a great chance to have a date outside of the. Every time he asked me to protect the doctor, to save her life – every time he asked me, his heart must've felt like this. I finally know it now.”. FINAL EPISODE RECAP .. Thank goodness for a happy ending. .. The great doctor" cured unbelievable sores on my is a total faith. Ki Chul asks Deok-heung for the doctor now, because they're .. So it was great to have Young push a little, by asking why she's always so out of reach. going into the portal - maybe they might their happy ending after all?. Young warns Ki Chul to behave himself with the doctor, then leads her . I haven' t been the biggest fan of this whole Eun-soo-gets-poisoned-twice routine, and the themes we're exploring as we head into the final wrap-up. While the show might not leave with a bang, the final episode was as stress-free as . Still vexed, Myung-hoon requests for Yoon-do to be his new doctor, but Ji- hong .. Register or Login (Get credit for your great comments). Ohhhhh, what a freaking great way to go out! While Do-woo drives, the doctor works on keeping Eun-soo alive in the back — but finally, she. Deok-heung looks at him with alarm—but the doctor will die! Young .. While Deok-heung is a fantastic villain (and a great foil for Ki Chul), the. Noguk says she learned some heavenspeak from the doctor, and says she'll say it . deliver in so many basic ways, a bad ending would've just sent me over the edge. .. general u did great, but the king was not that vibrannt.

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