Tf2 mic spam without hldj

For Team Fortress 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled anything that isn't a wav or mp3 (and not even most mp3 files really) tends to micspam, basically meaning that you can only micspam using hldj on. For micspamming on a server that allowed micspam. top kek Banned from a TF2 HLDJ Micspam server. don't support HLDJ. This guide step-by-step describes how to micspam using an alternative, which works not only with TF2. Other bene. [url][/url] [B]So what's the point of this thread?!?!?!?![/B] Micspamming is a pretty major part of TF2, so I'm suprised nobody has made a place. Now I don't mean spamming music through server, I mean when me HLDJ will not work on servers unless 3 server variables are in effect. Are there any (Mac Friendly) alternatives to HLDJ? and if not, then can VAC is crap; i can't micspam without a small interface within my TF2. So i spent a few hours on my MacBook Pro finding ways of how to micspam in tf2 without HLDJ, and i think i finally know how. WHAT YOU NEED - SoundFlower.

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