Technology 2 binding of isaac rebirth

A more advanced version of Technology. Fires a continuous laser as Isaac shoots tears. The laser pierces enemies. Lowers current firing rate. Basement I = Technology 2 Basement II = Ipecac Catacombs I = Dark Bum Catacombs II = Cricket's head (cursed room; you need 1 bomb). Planet. which has a random fire rate. If Blue Baby takes Technology, the eye left uncovered by the device will look like a normal eye and not an X. Noteworthy item synergies and interactions from The Binding of Isaac and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki ( I know Tech 2 is crazy with IPECAC (I believe), but are the Tech .. In my opinion Tech 2 was trash in the original for the most part and I still dont like it in Rebirth anyways. I've been wondering something since this game came out, but haven't really found anything to confirm this supsicion. Was Tech 2 nerfed. Technology combined with Sacred Heart and Polyphemus. Wiggle Wiggle Worm + Technology. Technology Technology2 Wiggle. As Cain can only fire tears from his right eye, Technology 2 will replace Isaac simultaneously controls a tear and fires the Technology 2 laser;.