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A YouTube user posts a how-to video on using the new Zune HD with the Mac OS. At $80, the software is about the same price as Windows XP just make the Zune HD and Marketplace Mac-compatible to begin with, but in. I think a lot of people won't buy a Zune simply because there isn't any OS X support for it. Did I mention software for the Mac? Yeah, make it a. If you install Boot Camp on an Intel Mac you can indeed use a Zune with it. The Zune software and player will treat your Mac running Windows. Zune Software Important! Selecting a language below will dynamically change the complete page content to that language. Hello,. The Zune Software is Windows Compatible - It is Not MAC compatible. Microsoft has released a "connector" for the MAC that may or may. Thanks to the Zune not supporting mass storage mode, and the fact that Microsoft hasn't made a Mac version of the Zune Marketplace software. Prior to the release of the Windows Phone 7 Connector software, users had to download cumbersome emulators to make a Zune compatible with Mac OS X. It never really occurred to us that Windows Phone 7 buyers wouldn't be able to use their phones in tandem with Apple computers, but here's the. Do you own a Zune but use a Mac? Must be rough. While there is no Zune media player software suite for Mac, Microsoft did write a quick and.

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