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The new home to all of Gnohmon's best Sims 1 hacks and objects. From his flamingos to the Build mode objects superstar objects mood enhancing objects. Trending pages. Satellite dish; Aquarium; Food stand; Hot tub; List of vehicles; Bubble bar; Piano; Buffet table. All items (26). #; A; B; C; D; E; F; G; H; I; J; K; L; M . The Sims: Superstar adds over items to the base game, including swimming tanks, massage tables, skydiving simulators, oxygen bars. It can be used together with other Simsky's Superstar EP mods. Your Sims will be able to visit Studio Town at any moment - not only once a day. Installation: If you use a different global hack with the same filename, only one of them will load . The Sims: Superstar, released on May 15, in Region 1, is the sixth expansion pack for The Sims. Box art for The Sims: Superstar New objects Edit. This is a phone plugin for Superstar. It will give you the alternative "Give Interview " on the phones at home for Sims in the Superstar career track. Just call and. For The Sims: Superstar on the PC, Items Guide by NessSnorlax. The Sims: Superstar is the sixth expansion pack of seven of expansion packs released Superstar offers a range of new objects, including mud baths, massage. Sims 1 Objects. Searching for 'superstar'. Hotel Set - Superstar Suitcase Jun 10, by STP Carly. loading Hotel Set - Superstar Suitcase Jun 10,

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