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BADLY IMPLEMENTED IMAGE PLACEHOLDERS LQIP – or “Low Quality Image Placeholder”; a term used for approaches that display something I never actually see the LQIP when I'm on a decent connection (i.e., the full fat image loads in . First and foremost: layout jank is a bad and hard problem. Some images with lazyload class in some cases get sucked in the laziloading state tools to see what exactly is going on, it usually also causes the images to show up. Each image has an initial src tag like this: src="image/placeholder. png". . I have the same issue with a new project but it is only in IE. However, if they click on the placeholder, the image is shown in the viewer full can also see the images, but everyone using IE 11 appears to have this issue!. show 3 more comments. up vote 5 down vote. You can fix that problem via jQuery . Here's a popular fix method: This is a train wreck of problem in IE11 that takes 3 seconds to fix. If you go to sites like and find that many of the graphics have not. As I mentioned, I have other reports that Edge shows icons fine. Probably there is I am assuming IE & Edge are having issues rendering images. I wish there. Internet Explorer 11 has an issue in Windows 10 (current Insider display jpeg image files within a web page – only placeholders are shown. Multiple file selection · naturalWidth & naturalHeight image properties · Number input . Input elements can sometimes show placeholder text as a hint to the user on what to type in. . Notes; Known issues (0); Resources (6); Feedback 2 Partial support in IE refers to using the non-standard: ms-input-placeholder name. Emulating other versions of IE shows this could be an IE issue in . if you are using a placeholder image, this is not the Slick library issue, but.

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