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The show ip interface brief command can be used to view a Method Status Protocol GigabitEthernet0/1 unassigned YES unset up up. One of the most frequently used commands is the show ip interface brief command. The up in the Status column shows that this interface is operational at Layer 1. The up in the Protocol column indicates that the Layer 2 protocol is. I just bought a Cisco X switch and when I did a sh ip int brief command, Protocol refers to "Line Protocol", which is a Cisco way of saying "the connection". The interface up status is determined by testing checking for the carrier signal coming across the interface. R1#show interfaces serial 1/0. Interface status (up/down); Protocol status on the interface; Utilization The show ip interface brief command provides a quick status of the. sw1#sh ip int brief | i 0/1[] FastEthernet0/11 unassigned YES unset seeing it recently If the cable is faulty, it could cause up / down status. I thought with the command "show ip int br", 'status' has to do the physcial layer conditon and the Up Down There is a protocol issue. Thanks. Back; Collaboration, Voice and Video View All; Collaboration Applications · Contact Center · IP Telephony and .. "Fast Ethernet n is up, line protocol is down": or not (max problem with the ISP side. call ISP people check the status . When you do a no shut to an ethernet interface it will show up even. Like the show ip interface brief command, the show interface command includes the interface, interface status (both physical and data link), and IP address. The device will look up the MAC address as it requires it to send the traffic to the The show ip protocols command is used when a dynamic routing. To me this would be normal: FastEthernet0 is up, line protocol is up: When I do show ip int brief I get this message: . and ethernet down/down and up/down status difference or how to know if an ethernet cable is faulty. You are here: CLI Commands > show ip interface brief br0 / up up Protocol. Displays the status of the IP on the interface.

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