Session time out iis 6

I want to increase the session timing of my web App hosted in IIS So, I changed the SessionState timing to mins in. Thanks for your reply, I changed idle time still get session time out. You can configure application pool recycle event logging in IIS6 to see if. The IIS session timeout is for clasic ASP pages. found by clicking Properties ( IIS 6) or Advanced Settings (IIS ) on the application pool that the application is . IIS , The session> element replaces the following IIS metabase and sets the session time-out to 10 minutes for the Default Web Site. The document explains the settings to be done in IIS for session timeout. These are the recommended settings. It is not recommended to extend. To set a global WWW or FTP service connection time-out value. 1. In IIS Manager , expand the local computer, right-click the Web Sites or FTP Sites folder, and. Hi Experts Please can somebody define/explain for us the difference on a Windows Server running IIS6 between 1) Session timeout (ie. Timeout is basically an ASP concept relating to the period of validity of a given SessionID by ASP, and that has no clear mapping with the IIS6. Hi All, I want to increase session timeout until 4 hours for my application.I am using iis 6 with window server r2. I 've set.