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How to select multiple photos on iPhone. Step 3: Tap on the Select button at the top right of the screen. Now you can select individual photos. Unofficial Cydia search sites: iOS Repo Updates, . You can use [[MarkFavourites]] to favourite multiple photos at once. A simple jailbreak tweak, that easily displays the size of a specific photo in the “ Recently Deleted” album, select the picture that you wanna remove multiple photos at once, usually the stock Photos app doesn't permit that. Check is a new Cydia tweak that resolves this issue, and using it, you will be able to select or deselect as many messages as you want, and. Doing simple tasks such as selecting multiple photos can be a lengthy process since you have to tap on each and every image when in selection mode. But if. Photo Tools is an all-in-one customization tweak for the Photos app Enabling a way to swipe to select multiple photos in the photo grid view. iOS 9 Gesture for Select Multiple Photos: you can select multiple photos with a single gesture, thereby minimizing the amount of effort that you have to put into. If you tap the Edit button when in thumbnail view in the Photos, then you should be able to double-tap a photo with two fingers (don't lift your. By entering select mode in the stock Photos app, you can tap and drag on a group of photos to select multiple photos with ease, here's how.

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