Revision cloud autocad 2016

Fortunately, there's a fabulous updated revision cloud tool in AutoCAD , and I can assure you that once you've tried it, you'll never look. Revision clouds show areas of a drawing that have been recently revised. When the REVCLOUD command was introduced to AutoCAD. Join Scott Onstott for an in-depth discussion in this video Drawing and editing revision clouds, part of AutoCAD Essential Training. Creates or modifies a revision cloud. Find You can create a new revision cloud by selecting two corner points or polygonal points, dragging your cursor, or you. This free video tutorial demonstrates the REVCLOUD command which was newly updated for AutoCAD How to create revision clouds for highlighting parts of a drawing. Create a Rectangular Revision Cloud Click Home tabDraw panelRevision Cloud. By Geoff Woodhead Like a small child at Christmas I eagerly ripped the wrapping off of AutoCAD this morning, and I most certainly. Recently, while teaching an AutoCAD Civil 3D course, the class got into a discussion about the use of revision clouds. One of the. The AutoCAD version came with completely revamped features of revision cloud. In this article, I will discuss these features in detail.

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