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In a since-edited video posted on December 9, he recommended .. including Let's Play-ers, live streamers, machinima-style editors, and. In the video, posted Sunday, PewDiePie shouted out the channel of “E;R,” description on the Death Note video recommended by PewDiePie. Welcome to the Age of the Hour-Long YouTube Video unique videos, but just two patterns emerged in the recommended video's statistics. The YouTube SEO process begins with video keyword research. (To see a video's tags, I recommend the VidIQ Chrome extension. It shows. I shit where you eat. FAQ: Q: What is your avatar from? A: He's Shiroe of Log Horizon in front of a shot from Kämpfer. Similar-looking fellas include (((Stei. Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has found himself embattled in a new controversy after recommending an anti-Semitic video channel. In Kjellberg's. Learn how to use Spatial Audio, video, and virtual reality video so your viewers can experience your video's sound in all directions, just like real life.