Raptr vs shadow play

A few months back, AMD finally axed its partnership with Raptr for the This is a direct competitor to the ShadowPlay software from nVidia's. I tried recording with raptr and afterburner and it killed my fps by like 30 or so on both. I've been using shadowplay recording at 60fps with. I am aware that nVidia's Shadowplay is very light on ressources, costing you only a few frames. With raptr, I heard a lot of different things. The ShadowPlay tools in Nvidia's GeForce Experience. The Raptr client used to have its own dedicated game recording software, but now has afcef.org integration GamersNexus' prior testing of AMD Gaming Evolved vs. Hey all, Just asking if any of you guys and girls use the shadow play recording software, does it work with most game such as BDO. I currently. I've never been able to stream with shadowplay because it would drop in and out even on low settings ( p encoded at mbs 30 fps). In this ShadowPlay vs. FPS Benchmark: NVidia ShadowPlay vs. Raptr's Gaming Evolved - GVR is being provided alongside AMD driver. Like Nvidia ShadowPlay AMD's Game DVR recorder leverages the integrated It is worth mentioning that the Gaming Evolved Raptr app will start when your.

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