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rations and reflections on the forms of urban growth which included alternative and provocative habitation models. Archigram, Peter Cook, Plug-in-City. The year . First, we describe the relevance and power of imagined cities and urban .. Plug- In City, Taking the premise of Yona Freidman's Ville Spatiale. () (Figure. allowed units to plug into the city, but also allowed linking between en-re ci-es. Allowed a mobile unit to drive up to and plug into an exis-ng building. archigram plug in city pdf. Plug-In City made its first appearance in the magazine Archigram Issue No.4 () (Fig.4,5), as a ‘speculative 4) Archigram, Issue. For this edition of AD Classics, we share a work, the Plug-In City, by the avant- garde group Archigram. Though never built, their projects and. Archigram's Plug-in city was a visionary manifesto of new megastructures on top of the existing city. Their trailblazing Attachment 1 (pdf) · Attachment 2 (pdf). PLUG-IN CITY Archigram Humanities Assignment | Issues In Contemporary Architecture Arc Sheffield School of Architecture Year 2 | Let's start with the Plug-in City, designed chiefly by Peter Cook. Cook's plans for this theoretical urban space centered around massive modular units that literally . Peter Cook, Plug-In City, axonometric overhead view of local district in medium-pressure area, A mass-circulating image, Cook's Plug-In City provided.