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Build Cordova Project. Run this Command $ cordova build android. It will Builds the Cordova Project for Android. (If the Required Gradle is Not. Android Studio Import PhoneGap Create Project is that when you're working with your project in this your cannot use the Gradle build system. All android builds using any PhoneGap version above will now use depending on gradle are failing on PhoneGap Build * gradle offers. as shown in the following screenshot: For the Gradle Sync question, you can simply answer Yes. Select the location where the android platform is stored. Open the project in Android Studio. From Android Studio select File->New-> Import Project. Navigate to the file in project name and click OK. Follow these instructions if you want to work with a MobileFirst Cordova project in Android Studio, and use Gradle building capabilities. I managed to do this. You need Android Studio and the Eclipse ADT version, as well as Cordova/PhoneGap all set up. Import the Cordova project into Eclipse. As of Cordova-Android , Gradle is now required to be installed to build Opening Android Studio for the first time will guide you through the process of. In this article, i will show native apps developing tools like PhoneGap project developing with android studio in Gradle build. If you have already created an.

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