Patch slot 1 2 gameshark

Pokémon Emerald Cheat Codes. June 7, · Wild Pok mon are Female [ ROM Patch Slot 1] 7FC Wild Pok mon are Male [ROM Patch Slot 2]. Level 1 [Patch Slot 1] 1B27B58A EF 95CCF A51B89F8 Level 2 [Patch Slot 1] 1B27B58A EF A53 DAE14 Level 3 [Patch Slot 1]. Whenever I put in a gameshark code the best thing that happens is it doesn't work at all. Often the game will BULBASAUR [Patch Slot 1 & 2]. BULBASAUR [Patch Slot 1 & 2] 0ABA2 95CCF A51B89F8 2E7B7A58 D DCA CF38A IVYSAUR [Patch. GROUDON [Patch Slot 1 & 2] Action Replays have four 'ROM Patch Slots' - numbered 1 through to 4. I don't play ROM's nor do I cheat. I just transferred gameshark codes on my gpsp kai. How so I find the master ball in Pokemon emerald please help me cause.. Search for more answers for Pokemon Emerald or ask your own question here. Second Part BULBASAUR [Patch Slot 1 & 2] 0ABA2 Section 7: Wrap Codes 95CCF A51B89F8 2E7B7A58 D Section 8:TM Modifier . Ultimate_Nova_X 10 years ago#2. You don't need to mind it unless if you're using >1 cheat codes in which they overwrite each other/cancel each other out, in this case "Patch slot 1" means that the 1st one will take effect. The Action Replay code should state which Patch Slot(s) it uses. Which means you can't use the Patch Slot 1 & 2 Wild Pokemon Modifier with.