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We'll add several properties, including particles, labels, sound, and music. We'll use the properties list for monster creation. We'll also learn. EffectHub is a social network to connect the world's effect artists to enable them to be more productive and successful. The #1 particle effects editor designed for Mac! Name:Particle Designer; Author : Code Repository: Last Update; Compatible with; Platform. A Hands-On Guide to Building iOS Games with Cocos2D, Box2D, and You added a set of background music tracks to Space Viking and sound effects for every part You learned how to use Particle Designer to design and create your own. A powerful particle effects editor app designed specifically for Mac. systems to many different frameworks with direct support for. Corona SDK ยท Cocos 2D. rotatePerSecond property / Particle system properties rotatePerSecondVar property /Changing theway particle systems move creating, particle designer used for handling background music pauseGame method/What just happened ?. asking you not to use any of the BATAK Duel artwork, music, and sound effects. Particle Designer and Glyph Designer Ray Wenderlich talks about Cocos2d.