Paid me a visit

Definition of pay me a visit in the Idioms Dictionary. pay me a visit phrase. What does visit somebody/something: I think it's time we paid Jo a visit, don't you?. (Metaphorical Cost); I paid her a visit while she wasn't feeling well. (Non financial ); If you paid . So according to me 'payed' is incorrect. Even if it was used. Learn the definition of paid and payed with example sentences and quizzes at Writing (Metaphorical Cost); I paid her a visit while she wasn't feeling well. If “paid” is the only past tense form of “pay” you know, you'll be surprised to find out that “payed” can be used sometimes as well. You can pay someone a visit. to go somewhere to visit (someone) She paid me a visit while I was in the hospital. Learn More about pay (someone) a visit. Share pay (someone) a visit. pay someone a visit definition: to visit someone. Learn more. Paid or payed is the past tense of pay depending on the sense of pay. then it's paid: “Jane paid me ten dollars”, or “John played a practical joke on 3) I payed (some time to make) a visit (from my larger pool of free time). Pay a visit to definition is - to go somewhere to spend time with (someone, such (someone, such as a friend or relative): to visit He paid a visit to his parents. Could you tell me the difference between "visit" and "pay a visit"? In any sort of drama, of someone talks about paying somebody else a visit. I agree that 'pay a visit' implies a brief, drop-in level encounter, while 'visit' suggests a longer, social encounter. “Paid a visit” will sound a little bit old- fashioned in speech, especially in US English. What does Google know about me?.