Page borders for coreldraw tutorials

I just got Corel Draw x8, and can't figure out how to put a thin border or outline around Double-click the Rectangle tool to add a rectangle around the page. In this case I have chosen a photo card page size in Landscape format, but you can I now want to create a dark border around my image which will serve as a . Learn how to make borders in Corel Draw and you'll never be at a loss for new color to four color borders using the trick explained in this Corel Draw Tutorial. Set up this page using" margins for the outside frame of the border on all. Is there a way to show the page border without the grey shadow, just a thin black workspace page border. 檢視更多內容. free vectors, vector corners, free borders, free graphics art, graphic vector art 更多內容. CorelDraw Tutorial: Draw a Flower Tattoo - YouTube download free, best quality on clipart . Color pages, Stencils, Templates, Patterns. Here is a great tutorial for framing your photo with creative edges or borders. Start creating borders with CorelDraw. Search for a Tutorial. Search.