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It doesn't matter if I use Opera stable or Opera dev build, but it I've also received an error of something like 'Insufficient Privileges' an SSL handshake failure between VPN servers and the Opera client?! Mobile browsers. From last update Opera mini doesn't download anything(pics, audio, video) When i tap on "save" button error occurs that downloading failed. It is frustrating i just came to opera from safari and was really browsing experience but the lack of support towards the Opera Mini is annoying. Since upgrading to Opera , I am unable to download email attachments when Gmail is opened in Opera. I keep getting the message Interrupted: Insufficient permissions. This was not a problem before the upgrade, nor is it a problem when I download the same attachment with Gmail. The new Opera Mini 26 (latest stable) & Opera Mini beta 26 (latest) both has problematic download manager UI. When I just downloading a file. And most of the file size is over 15 MB which opera mini can't start download and showed 'Failed' though currently using 3G data. While other. If Google Chrome is failing to download any files, giving an insufficient permissions error, there's a simple fix. The error is just what it says; for whatever reason. Downloading files fails every time. There is no partial file in the Downloads folder. I think the problem is, I can't pick a Download folder on the part of the phone's storage that I have access to. Finally I found the problem, the issue is when SW requested files at a time, mobile browser can't handle those many requests in one go. Not sure if this is the right forum, so sorry in advance if it isn't. Since a few days, all my downloads fail to finish, displaying "Interrupted: Blocked".

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