Not your nd case

case definition: 1. a particular situation or example of something: 2. because of the mentioned situation: 3. (not) true. Learn more. Hi:) Both, “In your case” & “To your case” are grammatically correct. However, they are used in different context. Usage: E.g. “In your Case" 1. She's Not Your Friend Lyrics: (Music plays) / (Verse#1) / Your girl wants to get with me / She's jocking me down like you never can see / Trying to get between us. For example: A: I can't afford a car. A good one would cost at least fifteen thousand dollars. B: Not necessarily. I saw a car the other day on sale for ten thousand. Is it not the case definition is - isn't it true. How to use is it not the case in a sentence. "It is not the case" is a more formal way of saying "it is not true". “Did they just babe me?” “I think they did”! Let 'em know you ain't their babe with this super sass case, not only will it keep the basics at bay, it'll protect against. Lyrics to "Not Your Friend" song by Case: Your girlfriend wants to get with me I can tell how she looks at me And how she licks her tongue at.

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