No gnomes in wow cinematics

View Post. Right there, in the WoW classic cinematic:^) I havent seen gnomes in any wow cinematic yet There are no goblins either. For years the gnomes were based in Gnomeregan, providing He left no clues where he was headed and over time his his tale became .. the only original race not to appear in a World of Warcraft cinematic or in any trailer. We've very closely covered the lack of Gnomes in any of Blizzard's major cinematic pieces so far. We had hoped to see them in the Wrath. The reason for no Gnomes is simple. Jaina Proudmoore. Has anyone seen a Gnome die in blizzards story before? Think long and hard. As far as I can remember there are no cinematics that have a gnome protagonist. If you're looking for any kind of gnome presence though, there. The pre-rendered cinematics are the only thing about WoW that actually looks .. Like if I saw that at first no part of it says, oh thats a gnome. Pissed there are no goblins, gnomes or blood elves. the only original race that has never appeared in any of the wow expansion cinematics. They're trying to sell this game.. What would you put on the trailer and cover if you were trying to sell the game.. Don't say gnome because then.

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