New map dota 6.76 ai

DOTA AI HAS BEEN RELEASED: Official DotA Allstars map This map was the creator of the previous unofficial DotA AI map. Latest Dota Ai Map Free Download -> Finally is already available/10/30 DotA c released Official DotA Allstars c map. Also, if you found a new Dota AI map and not yet listed here, please kindly drop a comment here to notify me. You can also Download Dota c AI Un-Official. Map Details for DotA vc AI En. DotA vc AI En, 10 players version DotA vc AI En by IceFrog. Choose from The Official DotA c AI Map will take weeks to release because of massive amount of changes still busy because he is moving to a new country(Germany) . Map is playable. All items work so far. AI heroes do use new skills. Link download : Dota c AI Eng Dota vc AI Eng DotA vc AI v Warcraft 3 Map Dota Ai Download Free Dota ai Dota: DotA c AI Map Download. I`m planning to port the AI map to but unfortunately, very soon, I'm going to move to a new country - Germany (Munich). Thus the next release date depends . Home / DotA Allstars / Maps / DotA c (Merry Christmas) It is an Un-oficial version of Dota (Custom) and originated from Icefrog's DotA.

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