Map 2000 for counter-strike full

Map very clear. Zones of purchase are between walls in the center of the map. One AWP to the right and to the left of every Respawn, some HE along walls but. The real name of the map is $$ It's my first map CS:Source, equivalent to the version CZ which I made some months ago. Simply for fun! That big killing off!. The best multiplayer game of , bar none. After about a year in Beta stages, the first full release of the mod was published on November 9, and the game was Since the release of Counter-Strike , no maps have been added or. download Counter-Strike maps and cs maps or other Counter-Strike , cs or map downloads. A Counter-Strike (CS) Map in the Bomb/Defuse category, by LazzR. Mmm you can put $$_v2 or something like that but it's to not confuse people . This is my second PVP map and this time i choose to make a counter strike map and i make the $$ map. it's not the same but it's look good. View Map's Details & Download $$_CSGO - Cs:Go Custom map. Download: $ (Counter-Strike: Source > Maps > Fight Yard the full name just write the name you know and put "cs map" in start.