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After isolating an issue on your Mac to a probable hardware issue, you can use Apple Hardware Test to help determine which hardware. Wondering how to check the memory on your Mac? Here's how to test your RAM to see if it's faulty, plus check how much you have. MemoryTester is a bit application designed to "stress test" your Mac, particularly test, you can have a high degree of confidence that the memory and Mac are reliable. On the Mac Pro, be sure to check for ECC errors after the stress test. Mac Pro inside Is there an easy test to check if I've got bad RAM? If your system is more recent, you may find that the memory test begins. Testing the RAM can be tricky, because you want as little of it in use as of the command line utility memtest and will give your RAM a proper Here is memtest86 running the hammer test on a MacBook Pro. To test your Mac's memory, you can use a number of tools, like the Terminal- based Memtest suite, or the OS X GUI wrapper for it called Rember. Faulty memory can cause your Mac OS X to lock up or freeze unexpectedly. Here we suggest 3 easy methods to run a memory test on your Mac. If your computer crashes after installing a new set of RAMs, there are few possibilities. The first possibility is likely a faulty RAM, the second. Essentially, memtest is a utility designed to stress test RAM for errors. Once you have installed memtest for Mac, launch the Terminal and type the following command: . I bought and installed 16GB upgrade to my MB Pro.

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