Legendary blacksmith shaddai lineage 2

Award of the legendary blacksmith in the town HighnessShaddai a gorgeous brooch . This event will follow the Lineage II convention events. Legendary Blacksmith Shadai Location: Steel Citadel Outpost (Hellbound) [IMG] Maestro Ishuma Location: Airship Field (Gracia) [IMG]. NPC Legendary Blacksmith Shadai - Legendary Blacksmith ID / Database Lineage 2 High Five. Acquire at Legendary Blacksmith Shadai Requirements: Ancient Tome of the Demon. Basic Caravan Certificate: This is the first Caravan Certificate you can. Legendary Blacksmith Shadai. Shadai afcef.org Race: Dwarf. Location, Heine ( Innadril Territory) Essence and Item jpg Dynastic Essence II - for free. Lineage 2 Hellbound Map. Basic Caravan Celtus spawns every Hours at the Battered Land. Once handed . Acquire at Legendary Blacksmith Shadai. Read the full guide here - afcef.org shilen-magmeld-and-bartz- . Visit Blacksmith Shaddai in Heine Village. Sagitarius 81 lv sam i mi trebvat 2 knijki. pro4etoh 4e se vzimat ot tova npc nqkoi moje lida mi kaje kade to4no se namira v HB. V kolko 4esa se.

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