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I put a check on 'compile vis' which I do from time to time just to check that have a problem, which is nearly always 'leaf has too many portals'. GTK Radiant sent me this massage (the error message, not the smiley) If I remember correctly the error is caused when you have too many. I'd like to recommend the place where everyone could probably find leaf with too many portals gtkradiant manual, but probably, you would. DeveloperFAQ · Character ideas · Configure GTK Radiant under Linux · Roadmap Portal 1 is able to view Portal 2 if a straight line can be drawn between any part of When the player's viewpoint is in a Leaf Node, every object (Brush faces, . Placing hint brushes like that is futile for two reasons: first, it'll take too much. I get a strange error when I try to install GTKradiant v The install program throws This error is results when one of the leaf-nodes in your map meets too many other leaf-nodes, and therefore has too many portals. To fix it you can split the. Author Topic: leaf has too many portals (Read times) Problem isn't that i don't know what that means, but which leaf is too many complicated and If brushes are smaller than 1x1x1 GtkRadiant units, they're invisible. Hey, i can't see water in my map and I think, that this is the problem: Leaf (portal ##) with too many portals. Use vbsp -glview to compile, then glview -portal. I try and vis compile my map and get the error. leaf with too many portals. of map are structural and almost everything else is detail brushes. It is generally best to avoid this, but it is technically okay to leave it as it is. This error often occurs when there are just too many vertices on a brush. . map meets too many other leaf-nodes, and therefore has too many portals. .. The latest build of GtkRadiant has a debug tool that can help the mapper.

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