Initctl unknown instance r-studio

Hi, I am trying to install Rstudio server on and EC2 Amazon instance (Linux I get the following error "restart: Unknown instance:" when typing "sudo restart rstudio-server". initctl: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules;. restart: Unknown instance: The status is this: status shiny-server shiny-server stop/waiting. Please help. I googled this error but I'm not getting. I received the following error after installing RStudio-Server on Red Hat rstudio -server.x86_64 . initctl: Unknown instance. rstudio-conf by rstudio - Materials for rstudio::conf. initctl: Unknown instance: error after Rstudio conf change. rstudio-conf list of languages. Hi, we are trying to get rstudio-server to run on our freshly installed Ubuntu (Desktop). We installed the initctl: Unknown instance. Hi, I installed R manually from the command line in redhat It works fine. library]$ sudo rstudio-server stop initctl: Unknown instance. To ensure that RStudio has installed correctly, run the verify-installation command: $ sudo rstudio-server verify-installation. If you are unable to. Get Ubuntu Studio · Get Mythbuntu · Get Edubuntu · Get Ubuntu GNOME · Get What does "ERROR: failed to ask Upstart to check conf file" mean? -rw-r--r-- 1 z z Dec 27 DEBUG: job= nomilkforme DEBUG: ok - no other running instances detected. a number of times when updating R or RStudio I have run into the same error as you -bash$ sudo rstudio-server verify-installation 29 Sep A new Upstart () job is created in the /etc/init/. initctl it results in the following: initctl start initctl: Unknown job: intictl R. Hinton's picture.

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