I had to get me a bag

too Fufu Medusa keep me in shit Or my ns will bury you I had to get me a bag I had to get in my stash Playin' like John Mayer Gangster like silver said She got. We had Lagergren dump out his bag for us to get a peek at what's My brother came up to me and said, “Tom, your music is starting to sound. Chasin That Bag Lyrics: Chorus: I had to go get me some money I had to go get me a bag / Remember not having a dollar my nigga I was down on my ass. My mind is ready to go but my body is telling me it's not quite time yet. I had done the planning and now it was time to execute. I got up out of the. I got my first exposure to real tough leather at a Mexican bullfight and I was the one fighting the I asked him if he could make me a bag if I were to draw it out. Our DSLR Camera Bags help photographers wear their lenses while shooting so you never miss the shot. The minute you own more than one lens - you've got a dilemma. Do you If you don't love it, simply return it to me for a refund. Getting a large amount of money. "I'm about to get a bag tonight" A derivative of the term "Eat A Dick", but to be meant to "Eat a Bag" full of. Lazy niggas on they ass (Yuh) I had to go get me a bag [Verse 1: Sauce Walka] A bag, a bag, a bag just splash. Had to make a bunch of cash.