Hyakujitsu no bara manga

Maiden Rose (百日の薔薇 - Hyakujitsu no Bara) is a fictional yaoi war romance manga written and illustrated by Fusanosuke Inariya. There is an OVA adaption. Maiden Rose is an ongoing fictional war romance manga written and illustrated by Fusanosuke Inariya. It is licensed in English by Digital Manga Publishing, but . The Maiden Rose manga was written and illustrated by Fusanosuke Inariya. It is published in Japan by Oakla Publishing and the English publisher is Digital. It's a server for fellow Maiden Rose fans to exchange their thoughts and opinions on Maiden Rose and it's related works! It is also a place where you can share. Tribute to Klaus & Taki from Maiden Rose/Hyakujitsu no Bara I think their relationship is very emotional, sad and erotic at the same time. Maiden Rose summary: Two soldiers from warring countries are bound by a pledge as master and servant. Taki Reizen is a Commander of. Looking for information on the manga Hyakujitsu no Bara (Maiden Rose)? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online. Taki Reizen is a Commander of sublime beauty, shouldering the fate of his nation. Called "Mad Dog" because of his rough temperament, Klaus has sworn his loyalty to him as a knight. For all their genuine feelings, what will come of love made cruel by the violence of war?. Hyakujitsu no Bara dj - Thorn Crown (Side Story). Associated Names. Hyakujitsu Bara Maiden Rose Rose of One-Hundred Days 爱如潮水百日の薔薇百日蔷薇.

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