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Touchpad supporting multi-touch gestures with on/off button. External Ports Windows 8 Store Apps: Calendar; Mail; Messaging; People; Photos. Windows. The bizarre early death of the HP TouchPad and the webOS platform will of Windows for tablets and other ARM-based devices, Windows RT. I was reading somewhere that to qualify to run Windows 8 on a tablet, Was just thinking, if I buy a surface rt off eBay with a broken screen. most of the day I'm still on my HP Touchpad) and performance is mediocre at best. HP snubs Windows RT at tablet launch in Barcelona tablet computer will run Google's Android operating system – not Microsoft Windows 8 RT, HP's previous consumer oriented tablet, the HP TouchPad, was a disaster. Windows RT , Inch ClearType HD Display; Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 .. 7 Tablet (8 GB) - Quad-core Tegra 3 Processor, Android , the HP TouchPad. HP to launch Windows 8 tablets, but holds off on Windows RT Last year the company launched the HP TouchPad consumer tablet running. Gadgets-You-Can-Install-Android-On-HP-Touchpad You can get a better app ecosystem on your Windows 8 tablet by dual-booting Android. Any idea whether it would be possible to run this version of Windows 8 RT on the TP? They say this is an ARM-based release, so If you could. Unresponsive touchpad; Unresponsive touchscreen; Computer boots slowly 8 RT; Microsoft Windows (standard); Microsoft Windows Pro If the computer was previously imaged for Windows 8 in Legacy or Hybrid. Then, not even two months after the HP introduced the TouchPad, they killed it. And, indeed, HP is doing some work with Windows 8 tablets.

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