How to access steam screenshots

But checking the screenshots section of my Steam profile today, I can only see old screenshots for that game, and nothing from yesterday. I am trying to find the steam folder for the screenshots so I can put my own image in. I wasn't able to take a screenshot while playing Risk of. Steam has a built-in screenshot function, which uses the F12 key by It's a bit complicated to access though since Steam splits them up by. Here's the easiest methods on how to access your Steam screenshot folder. See them here and get access to your screenshots today!. Did you take a screenshot on steam while playing games? Now the question is where does steam save screenshots? Not able to find where. In this guide, I'll be precisely going over how to access the Steam Screenshots folder as well as a few alternate shortcut tricks that you can try. where are steam screenshots saved & How do i access my steam screenshot folder Can i steam profile backgrounds or steam profile pictures. In any steam game, you can click a hot key (default is F12) to snap a screenshot of the current in-game screen. You can publish this screenshot.