How to a cd-rom drive

The drive tray is stuck open. The drive is stuck closed because of loss of power. A disc is inserted improperly. The disc is damaged or scratched. The drive fails. Short for Compact Disc Read-Only Memory, a CD-ROM is an optical disc which contains audio or software data whose memory is read only. CD-ROM drives are very popular for playing and installing media. CD-ROM drives are classified as inch drives because they fit into the inch drive bays. A CD-ROM is a pre-pressed optical compact disc that contains data. Computers can read—but not write to or. Also called a CD-ROM drive, players can be internal and fit in a bay, or external where the drive connects to the computer's SCSI interface or parallel port. Without a working CD drive, your computer will have seriously decreased functionality. You won't be able to install new programs or run existing ones that. This article describes a problem with CD or DVD drives not work, or is missing, Press the Windows logo key + R to open the Run dialog box. CDs and DVDs are played within optical disc drives that come as part of a computer. Step 1: First, you need to discover what sort of disc drive(s) you've got. Computers require plenty of regular maintenance to keep working. However, the CD-ROM drive is not one of them. It does need to be cleaned from time to time. A CD-ROM drive (Compact Disk - Read Only Memory) is a type of device used by your computer to read CDs. These CDs are used for a variety.

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