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The Envers module aims to provide an easy auditing / versioning solution for In order for Envers to build the necessary historical audit tables and store the. You should be able to fetch the associated NonFTECost entities for a given revision of Resource by iterating that collection on the specific. afcef.orgt_schema, null (same schema as table being audited) , The default schema name that should be used for audit tables. Can be. But if for some reasons you can't use Envers, you can achieve something similar with hibernate event listeners and spring transaction. The aim of Hibernate Envers is to provide historical versioning of your As the revisions are global, having a revision number, you can query for various entities . Binary distribution: Contains the XStream jar files, the Hibernate and Benchmark modules and all the Hibernate Envers , for Java 6 or higher. Hibernate. Juplo has created Maven plugin for Hibernate 4. The plugin supports schema export including Envers. The working example is below. Beginning Hibernate: For Hibernate 5 (English Edition) eBook: Joseph B. with MongoDB using NoSQL; Keep track of versioned data with Hibernate Envers.

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