Hardware acceleration opera 12

This version of Opera has full hardware acceleration support. The browser is set to auto detect hardware acceleration capabilities of the. Enable Hardware Acceleration: 0 = disable hardware acceleration; 1 = autodetect (default) 2 = on if available (use at your own risk) Enabling Hardware . For those interested in the GPU hardware acceleration support for Opera 12 that was made available with this morning's release of Opera But if I turn off "Hardware acceleration" in Browser's settings video starts disable_dxgi_zero_copy_video NV12 DXGI video displays incorrect. Alpha version of Opera 12 with full hardware acceleration and WebGL support released and available for download from Opera website. --disable-accelerated-compositing Disables accelerated compositing. --disable- accelerated-layers Disables the hardware acceleration of 3D. OSLO, Norway--Opera Software took the hardware acceleration plunge today with the release of its first alpha version of Opera It is only a week since Opera 12 added support for cameras, and since then two new Interestingly, hardware acceleration is an opt-in feature. It was all supposed to be worth it for Opera 12 was to be the first Opera and the first browser to boast full hardware acceleration, top to bottom.