Getroproperty and gettoproperty in qtp

GetTOProperties. Returns properties and values which QTP has recorded and will use to identify an object at run time. GetROProperty. In addition to the QTP specific properties some technologies also support accessing please find the below difference between GetRoProperty, GetToProperty. GetToProperty, GetRoProperty. GetToProperty returns the value of a test object which was recorded by QTP. GetRoProperty returns the current. Prerequisite Knowledge. In order to understand the Get/Set – RO/TO – Property/ Properties, there's some preliminary information you need to know: UFT/QTP. what is GetTOProperty? What is SetTOProperty? What is GetROProperty? So, while executing the script, QTP will compare the objects in. afcef.orgroperty afcef.orgroperty afcef.orgroperties afcef.orgroperties Note: Please do not give example which will retrieve the va. Micro Focus QTP (UFT) Forums Retrieving GetTOProperty and GetROProperty. Object Spy can help determine the useful properties and methods associated with an object in your environment. GetRoProperty - is an inbuilt method used to retrieve the runtime value of an object property. Object spy is a feature in QTP using which you can view both the test and. QTP GetTOProperty, GetToProperties, SetTOProperty & GetROProperty Simplified. Retrieving and Setting Test Object Property Values – Following are the. GetROProperty, GetTOProperty, GetTOProperties and SetTOProperty in QTP: GetROProperty: Description: GetROProperty is used to retrieve.

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