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In my previous article “How to Get Attribute Id, Name, Value from Attribute Code in Magento 2”, I have shown to get catalog attribute information. Explore Magento 2 Customer Attributes Add EAV Attribute in Magento 2 · How to Get Value of Custom Attribute. After hours debug to magento core i found the problem. Steps to reproduce Create custom attribute with setup script. Continue, we have $setId is null, so isInSet return false, it make my attribute value is deleted. This should help you out: //get order from observer $order = $observer->getOrder (); // get customer id from order $customer_id = $order->getCustomerId();. Step 1: Create configuration files for Customer's Dashboard and Edit My Account pages. Step 2: Use the below code to get the customer custom attributes in. Custom Customer Attributes. To create a customer attribute, complete the properties that describe how it will be used, and how it appears in the store. Find answers on frequently asked questions on Customer Attributes extension by Amasty. identical variables: {{var'some_attribute_code')}}, e.g.: for an attribute called How can new attributes be used with Magento API?. To create a custom attribute for customer in magento, firstly we need to add a file in setup folder of our module and then add the given code. This requires some templating work. The customer account dashboard page gets rendered by the following file. Collect info from your clients in Magento 2 by adding customer attributes to a This way they'll be able to attach any pictures, sketches etc. to get custom.

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