Fingerprint lock for bb

The fingerprint sensor can quickly unlock your BlackBerry Motion. The BlackBerry Motion includes a fingerprint sensor that can quickly and securely unlock your phone. BlackBerry Mobile EU Store has special pricing on KEYone and Motion!. The BlackBerry Priv is here — we already reviewed the phone, but there's “The reason we haven't put a fingerprint scanner is that if you lose. Scanner lock is a cool application for all the users who wanted to have a complete hi-tech security for their BlackBerry. It's a unique lock that scans your finger. I didn't realize how essential the fingerprint scanner played a role in my everyday life until I using the Priv for about 2 weeks now lack of. BlackBerry Locker is a very useful feature found on the BlackBerry Without your fingerprint, no one can view them, as they're hidden in a. Fingerprint unlock is a security feature that uses fingerprint recognition technology. It lets you unlock the BlackBerry KEYone using the fingerprint reader located. After inputting your password, BlackBerry Locker will ask if you wish to activate fingerprint authentication, which you can accept by placing your.