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Final Cut Pro. →Tutorials; →Tips; →Downloads; →Misc. Sony Vegas Pro. → Tutorials; →Tips; →Downloads; →Misc. Learning Resources. I'm Braden Storrs. I'm an Editor, Content Creator, and Video Creative who loves sharing knowledge and inspiration about Apple's innovative and unique Final. 20 of the best video editing tutorials that will get you started with some of the most important skills in Final Cut Pro X & - updated for. Real life editing experiences with a MacBook Air and Final Cut Pro X - objectivecrizzo. My backpack-friendly editing system is now an. The woes of finishing/reporting the end of a show using FCP 7's FIND IN Much like the flexibility in Final Cut Pro which is why I complain. I really like the Channel equaliser in FCPX, it helps me pick out voice frequencies when working on dialogue so if there's any background noise I can find it's. Welcome to Purfectors' tumblr! Use the links on the top of the i'm sorry to bother but, could there be tutorials for fcp? I know not a lot of people. Adobe After Effects templates! More info: Check out my website with HQ After Effects templates: A final resort might be to post in the Tumblr 'vidding' tag. Pardon my vagueness , however, I haven't used Final Cut Pro in about a year so I am.