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Looking for information on the anime Fairy Tail x Rave? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and. Fairy Tail: Priestess of the Phoenix. Fairy Tail: The Movie - Dragon Cry. Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail OVA Series. Rave Master. Noragami. Fairy Tail x Rave is the sixth OVA for the Fairy Tail series by Hiro Mashima. While looking for Natsu, Lucy and Happy discuss their job about capturing a strong Mage. Erza tells Natsu and Haru to fight against Klodoa while she, Elie and Lucy fight the coin soldiers. Rave Master, titled Rave in Japan and also known there as The Groove Adventure Rave, is a . In both Rave Master and his other manga Fairy Tail, Mashima wants to make justice .. "Fairy Tail x Rave Master Crossover Manga Gets Anime DVD". Official Shōnen Magazine Rave Master manga website (in Japanese). Fairy Tail x Rave anime info and recommendations. In the crossover story, Fairy Tail's main cha. There's a crossover work for Fairy Tail and Rave Master called Fairy Tail X Rave. Do these two series share the same world or is it just for the. x Rave Master · Fairy Tail & Attack On Titan crossover:3 Anime Like Fairy Tail, Natsu Rave Master (left side) X Fairy Tail (right side), both have musica swords. .. FLCL - by Genzoman Flcl Haruko, Manga Sites, Magical Girl, Furi Kuri. Anime: Fairy Tail x Rave, Année: Suite à une requête, Natsu, Lucy et Happy partent en mission afin d'arrêter un dangereux mage qui terrorise les. Manga creator Hiro Mashima announced at midnight on Tuesday that his Fairy Tail x Rave (Rave Master) crossover manga is being adapted.

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