Evolve haunter without trading gameshark

So I found and caught an abra for my first pokemon in granite cave, and it's now a very healthy kadabra. Ned the kadabra. I'm on an emulator. Does anyone know if it's possible to make Kadabra evolve to Alakazam without having to trade to someone? Would a cheat code work? Thanks. Hey guys! i recently got a little nostalgic and i wanted to try out Pokemon again! so i downloaded the emulator from no$GBA and got myself. How to Evolve Pokemon Without Trading for Pokemon Game ROM Hacked ROM afcef.org GBA4ios iPhone iPad Android Working Evolve Any Pokemon. How 2 evolve haunter without trading.?? N if it's not possible how to trade it on pc ?? ANSWER. TRACK | REPORT | SEE ANSWERS. Related questions for this. This is an old game and I can't evolve the pokemon you have to trade to evolve. Is there a any Gameshark/Gamegenie code to get an item that. This page has a guide on how formerly trade-evolved Pokemon will now evolve. 29 comments the game IRL. No, it's still illegal then. . Also do gameshark codes still work on the randomized rom with openemu? permalink. So I'm playing Pokémon Crystal and I need a cheat code so that I can evolve my Haunter into Gengar. I can't trade at all and I'm.

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