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Previously, only members of Esmero/Souveran factions were able to Prison de Joaquin Basement mission and Valeria recruitment quest. Pegasus' & Esmero's Guide to Becoming "Rich" When you go through most of your scenario quests, you should have accumulated a bunch. WHEN will active the quest for ESMERO and SOUVERAN faction affiliation??? Roger Mez to Granado Espada Online · February 16, ·. WHEN will active . Granado Espada Note (SGE v) Secret Society: Esmero After completing previous quest (got Esmero promotion) move to any. Esmero quest guide télécharger granado espada See T3Fun Quest Guides and Book of Madness for older quests. The following quest guides are accurate at. Esmero of Royalist party, Souveran of Republican Party, and factions will be deleted, and all information regarding the faction betrayal quest. Holy Armonia update introduces 3 tutorial quests involving (aka Esmero/ Dronarati) vs Gleichstellung (aka Souveran/Sahasrha), these quests. (aka Souveran, Sahasrha) or the Royalist Society Lealtad (aka Esmero, Dronarati). To start/complete the quests, talk to the opposition leader. This guide is only for the "Souveran Promotion Quest" check Book of Madness for guide on "Esmero Promotion Quest". 1. Call from Simon Ayende. Condition: .. Pioneering Granado Espada · Altria Episode 1 Daily Quests.

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