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How great is the story and characters? Also will there be a Dead Space 3? Will there be more downloadable content for Dead Space 2 in the. Gabe Weller and Lexine Murdoch have joined the fight against the Necromorphs as the "Dead Space 2: Severed" DLC was released today, for Dead Space 2. Dead Space 2: Severed is a two-chapter downloadable content pack for Dead Space 2. The game takes place on Titan Station and follows the story of Gabe Weller and Lexine Weller. Severed is set three years after the events of Dead Space: Extraction. Most notably, "Dead Space 2: Severed" features the return of some nobody named Gabe Weller and Lexine "Dead Space Girl" Murdoch!. Dead Space 2 gets its first piece of single player downloadable content. Read our review to find out if it's worth your cash and time. EA have stated outright that the two-mission DLC pack 'Severed' for Dead Space 2 will not be available on PC. In a simple statement to VG So I just bought this game and I am confused about the DLC. I know there is a DLC story add on called Severed and I was wondering how I can. Dead Space™ 2: Severed. ESRB. M (Mature); Blood and Gore; Intense Violence; Strong Language. Rating: out of 5 stars from reviews 1, $

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